Uint8, MidiMessage and Traktion question

don’t want to start 3 topics so here goes.

uint8 is a typedef unsigned char, witch is platform independent, i want to access the raw data of a midi message using getRawData() method, now since this is a pointer is it ok to do something like that

MidiMessage message (this filled by a callback);
unsigned char *data;

data = message.getRawData();
unsigned char byte1 = *data;
unsigned char byte2 = *data;
unsigned char byte3 = *data;

String output.printf ("HEX: %x:%x:%x", byte1, byte2, byte3);

to get 3 first bytes from the message, will this really be platform independent (i’m working on a PPC/Mac currently).

Also i see that Traktion 1.6 can send sysex data as events, will it send SysEx data from VST plugins to outside (some hosts like FLStudio truncate midi messages to 3 bytes and sysex can’t pass through). Does Traktion use the new VST SDK 2.4 (i think) midisysex type messages, if not is there any other possibility to directly pass SysEx data from a VST plugin to Traktion.

That’s ok, but you should check the length of the midi message too, as it might not be 3 bytes long.

TBH I’m not sure what the latest tracktion does with sysex, or whether they’ve updated to vst2.4 yet.

thanks for the answer

as for traktion some testing will reveal the truth.