Unable to receive input signal with the AudioDeviceManager tutorial

Hi! I am new in JUCE and was trying my first tutorial with AudioDeviceManager:

I was trying to process input signal from soundflower and pass it to a selected output hardware (my audio interface in my case).

I’ve set up max msp to receive the same signal from soundflower, which works without any issue. But in the JUCE example it doesn’t seem to receive any input signal (see screenshot), and when I log the received signal it’s always 0 as well. I wonder how to fix the tutorial so the system can receive signal from the selected input device?

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 19.45.58


Check the Projucer settings under Exporters | Xcode and verify that you have microphone access enabled:

Thanks! That fixed the problem.

It’s strange that it requires microphone access for soundflower or other audio interfaces though. For my project I don’t really need microphone access.