Unable to run demo application on Android using windows to build

I have built and run the demo on windows.

I currently have source code for Android for our device which i build on Linux.

I also have an android application i developed on Windows which runs.

When i build the Juce demo, I get no errors, but i can't run it and get exceptions. (something about ... unsatisfied link error can't find juce_jni ...)

I am sure it is because i don't know how to get it to compile the JNI code for the demo project.

How do i do this on windows, and if it can't be done on windows, is there a tutorial somewhere about setting it up on linux for android with all of the toolkits etc.




Did you add Native Support to the Android project?

I ran ndk-build in the correct folder.


It created libs/armeabi/libjuce_jni.so and libs/armeabi-v7a/libjuce_jni.so

I can see both libs in the project folders under libs.

Is there something more i need to do?




Your comment about native support gave me enough to search on google and get it to run.

Everything seems to work now except for the Open GL demo.  parts of it work, (2d images in background), but nothing shows up for the teapot which is supposed to be spinning.

I assume that means my device supports openGL, but not a recent enough version for the demo program.

Is there a way to tell which version my device supports and add a higher version?

(I have a copy of source code for my device, but I am disconnected from the git sources.

Thanks for the help up to this point.


I found the answer.  It depends on the version of android  I am on 4.3 and need to be on 4.4 to have the most recent opengl version