Unable to select plugin formats

If I create a new audio plugin project using Projucer, I only seem to get options to change the name and exporter. I can’t select plugin formats or anything else, and the ‘settings’ menu item is greyed-out. Is this because I’m using the free Juce licence and something has been changed? (I’m earning well under £50K)

I looked at the page which lists the differences between Juce licences but it doesn’t mention not being able to select plugin formats as a limitation.

You are not seeing this? I don’t know how it works for the commercial ready built Projucer, but this is what I get with Projucer built from source for an audio plugin project.


That’s what I used to see, now I just get the screen where the project name is entered. I’m using the version of Projucer which comes with Juce.

The settings are not available while you are creating a new project. You can change the plugin formats and other settings once you’ve created the project.

Hmm. I’m sure I had to enter the plugin format along with a bunch of other info before creating a project previously? In any case, if I go to an already-created project and look at the settings, I get this:


Something wrong here!

Well, that doesn’t look right. Do your JUCE and Projucer versions match? (Both are at version 5.3 now.)

Can you try setting the colour scheme to “Dark” via the View->Colour Scheme->Dark menu option?

Setting the colour scheme to Dark worked, the format options have returned! Thank you ed95 and Xenakios.

FYI I’ve also fixed this bug on the develop branch so if you pull from there and rebuild it should work with the grey colour scheme too.