Unable to stream Ogg files


Hi All,
Facing a problem with Ogg file streaming. I want to stream an ogg file from the web. I am using juce::QuickTimeMovieComponent function loadMovieFromURL. This method returns false.When I digged a little deep, i found that the QuickTime API NewMovieFromDataRef fails with OSErr as -2149(notEnoughDataErr). But if i play the same file using Open URL option in Quick time player, it is streaming and playing properly. I am using JUCE version 1.39. Could you help me with this issue.

Thanks in Advance,


Well first of all I’d say try getting the SVN tip - I’ve made a lot of changes to quicktime recently, and added a QuickTimeAudioFormat class.


Hi Jules,
I went through your QuickTimeAudioFormat class. I am creating an InputStream for the URL and passing it to QuickTimeAudioFormat class CreateReaderFor() method. It is crashing as quick time is not able to create a data handler from this stream. Could you help me with this issue.Do I have to create the stream in some other way?
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It might not work, but it shouldn’t crash - where exactly is it messing up?