Unable to update Projucer

Hey, I’m having a hard time updating Projucer to 5.4.3. When I try to download it after a while I get an error saying: Could not remove the existing folder!

Why do I get this error?

Are you on Windows? The Projucer autoupdater requires administrator privileges to modify certain folders which may the cause of the error that you’re seeing. Can you try selecting a directory that you know you are able to modify, such as your Documents folder.

I’m currently installing them in a separate folder on my second drive. It should have access to that folder. Should I run Projucer with admin privledges?

Just also ran into this. The solution is easy:

Projucer fails to move ‘juce’ folder across volumes (drives). If your Juce folder is on a different volume or drive, unzipTarget.moveFileTo (targetFolder) fails. The folder has been installed successfully nevertheless.

Either moveFileTo() needs to be extended to work across volumes, or Projucer needs to take care of this case.

This is fixed in the latest release. But obviously during the update to the latest release you’ll run into the same problem one last time.

I’m having the same problem with JUCE 6 even though the previous version is in my Documents folder on my C: drive.