Unison Audio Is Hiring 5 Full-Time Plug-In Developers

Hey everyone,

We are currently seeking multiple Full-Time Plug-In Developers to join our team at Unison Audio.

Please see a list of requirements below:

  • Minimum of five years of JUCE experience
  • Have released plug-ins commercially (Please link in application)
  • Firm understanding of DSP concepts.
  • Proficient in C++ & Python
  • Able to operate the major DAWs

Successful applicants will work remotely with above-standard pay rates.

Please send your resume & cover letter to mitchell@unison.audio

Thank you & I look forward to reviewing your applications,

Creative Director
Unison Audio

I got you :wink:

I would stay far away from this company. They SMS spam their customers phones even after asking to be removed. Misleading marketing where they advertise only 3500 copies of the plugin available to generate FOMO, but years later still selling it. Horribly overpriced plugins, almost $400 for a midi generator. Almost $300 for a drum lop generator. $100s of dollars for midi files that are mostly duplicates transposed into different keys. DMCA takedowns against against anybody that reviews their garbage products. Not even smart enough to post in the correct forum topic. Stay away.


I beg to differ, I just love getting their ad on all the youtube video I watch. :laughing:


Threads in the jobs category get closed automatically, which didn’t happen when we moved it over. I’m going to close it now.

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