Unite Mac/Win sdk


On the JUCE website there are a different dl for mac, win adn linux.

Is there a possibility to unite them all, to a general and uniqueSDK  folder, or are there fundamental differences that make I have to let them separate?



It would seem easier to manage a JUCE-based project using git, but can't say for sure. The only difference I see between the downloads is the Projucer.

Repository is here: https://github.com/julianstorer/JUCE

If the only difference (as I also saw) is in the Projucer, so it should be ok to integrate the whole in one folder right?

I dont really understand how managing this with Projucer ansewr to the question, I still need to specify the SDK path, and I want it to be the same for mac or win.


Thanks man


Sorry, but what SDK do you mean exactly?


When I am comparing Mac and win version (with Araxis tool for example), I don't see any difference in the files themselves, only the projucer app for mac is added in Mac version.


Well yeah, it's a cross-platform framework. Having one single codebase is kind of the whole point!

I noticed this as well. It seems to be just the ProJucer that is compiled for the target platform.

What I do is download the latest JUCE from GitHub, then download the OSX and Windows packages, extract the ProJucer from each renaming them as ProJucerWin.exe and ProJucerOSX.app and stick them both in the root folder.

That way I can work from OSX or Windows.

 Wouldn't it simplify things at ROLI's end just to put the Windows OS X and Linux ProJucer binaries in the root GitHub folder?

That way there would just be one download!


Yes it is whole point but still two downloads!

I thought it was maybe for end-of-line format issues, but it does not seem to be it, since I noticed even the win download looks fin in mac