Universal Control from Mac to iPad

Hi, is this supported in Juce? I’ve just tried an app I’m developing and the control is very hit and miss - sometimes jumpy, sometimes moving multiple controls at the same time.

Is this a supported feature of Juce currently?


I’ve been using this with the Ventura beta, and also a little bit with the latest Monterey release. I haven’t seen the sort of issues you describe. Are you only seeing the problems in JUCE apps?

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i’ll check shortly

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough - I should have said 2 finger drag operations. Normal operation is fine, it’s 2 finger drag that’s a problem. I’ve just tried Animoog and Model D and neither of them react to 2 finger drag operations so not a problem with them.

Maybe there’s some way we could disable - that would be a fine solution.


@reuk did you get chance to try out the 2 finger operation?

Is there an easy way for me to disable this processing? thx

By “two finger drag” do you mean scrolling from the trackpad?

yes, so position the cursor over a control and instead of clicking the mouse button and dragging, hold down 2 fingers and drag up or down to change the value of the control.

hi @reuk any updates on this? got a client wanting to know if the functionality can be disabled which is an acceptable solution?

Hi @reuk, any updates on this please?

I haven’t had a chance to investigate yet. I’ve been working on some higher-priority OpenGL issues.

ok, thx for the update