Upcoming changes to AU format

Under penalty of nondisclosure agreement, I'm not at liberty to talk specifics, but I just got an email from the fine folks at Apple letting me know that some changes are ahead, which may make it so that our plugins will not pass validation in their present forms in the nearish future. Just giving everyone a heads-up, look for that email in your inbox! I'll be looking it over in more detail soon.

From someone else's Twitter account (not mine - I haven't received this email):


"At some point in the future Logic Pro X will be sandboxed; all Audio Unit plugins and audio hardware will need to be sandbox-safe."


Sean Costello

Hope we still have write and read access to the user directory... what problems do you expect after that update?

This is logic only, right? Does it mean apple's 30% cut (and app store) will become mandatory?

I hope apple's intentions are not as vicious as they seem to be. They really can't mess with their last few professional customers, or do they?