Upcoming events

Just thought I’d give people a heads-up on a few things I’ve got scheduled for the next couple of months:

  • I’ll be visiting MusikMesse this year with the Tracktion crew - if anyone’s going to be over there and wants to meet, please get in touch and we’ll try to find time. We won’t have a booth at the show for Tracktion, but are having meetings, and planning to have some kind of Tracktion pub gathering on the friday night.

  • In early April, before Musikmesse, we’re going to be holding a Tracktion party in London - more details to follow on that one…

  • In early May (no date yet) I’m going to be giving a presentation about the projucer for ACCU in London

  • In mid-May, I’m going to be giving another (probably the same) projucer talk at the C++Now conference (cppnow.org) in Aspen. Bit scary that one, but should be a great week, geeking out in the mountains.

FYI: Our tracktion “piss-up-in-a-brewery” is on April 5th - full details at http://www.tracktion.com/!