Update from JUCE 3 to Juce 4?

Hello! I have a question concerning updating from older JUCE versions. JUCE 4 apparently is a major release step with a major number of changes. How easy or difficult is it to update an existing project built on JUCE 3 to the latest version? Are there some special things to observe?

Thanks in advance. JUCE is a very cool product!

The upgrade was very smooth for me, except for a Carbon-related issue on OS X. If this doesn't affect you, just give it a try!

Interested to hear more feedback on this - positive or negative. Thanks for asking!

Just to chime in - I had zero issues with the jump from v3.2 to v4.0, the only thing that ended up requiring work from me was the new bus system introduced in v4.1. Your code will probably still compile fine without adapting to it, but will have a bunch of deprecated warnings. Overall, unless you're doing a lot of fancy workarounds with the old bus system, moving to the new one is pretty easy.

Smoother than 2.0 to 3.0 for sure ! Great job.

Thanks, guys! I will try then, and let you know of the results.

FYI, the Carbon-related issue should be fixed now.

Just wanted to inform you here that the update indeed went perfectly smoothly, wIthout any problem so far. Thanks again!