UPDATE: Mistaken. AudioPlugicDemo fails compiling

In the develop branch, ever since commit 1f63493031e at 2018.10.12, JUCE’s audio plugin demo fails compilation (tested on Xcode 10.1).

I’m guessing that this failure happens in all platforms. In this case I strongly recommend that ROLI add to their CI process testing that all the projects coming with JUCE build successfully, this would avoid six month long periods of things not compiling which effectively renders important tools such as bisecting for troubleshooting somewhat useless.

Cheers! Yair

Are you building against the corresponding version of the JUCE modules for that commit? The AudioProcessorValueTreeState constructor was updated in the same commit that the demo plug-in code was modified so it looks like you might be using an older version of the modules.

You are right, indeed the JUCE modules in the Projucer were pointing to a different JUCE repo.

Sorry for jumping to rash conclusions :grimacing:

If I may I suggest a feature request for PIPs: optionally mention the relative path to the JUCE modules directory, and use this option for all PIPs in the JUCE repo. This will help avoid such confusions.