updateContent but no call to paintListBoxItem

I search the site but no mention of it so I though to share it here.
After moving from 1.25 to 1.26 I noticed sudden change in behavior.

My app uses a lot of List Boxs and the contect gets updated a lot.
So I use updateContent to signal that data needs to be redrawn.
While this did work form 1.23 to 1.25, but it stopped in 1.26.

I also noticed that only if a row is selected, then there is a call to paintListBoxItem for that row only.

I think this is a small bug that is introuduced after redraw improvments are implemented.
By the way, release version now draws much faster (it is getting better with each revision) :D.

In fact it’s now working correctly - the updateContent call isn’t supposed to do a repaint.

What it does is to trigger a call to updateRowComponent() for each visible row component - which lets you call repaint for only those rows that have actually changed.

Many thanks for reply,
I have already change my code to call repaint on those components.

I guess I misundrestood the menaining of updateContent.
I thought it will update all visible rows not only the selected one.

It is working for me now and I can enjoy the speed improvements in 1.26.
It is a pleasure using JUCE code to develop.

Thanks again