Updates to standalone window for iOS

Hi, could we get:

  1. The standalone window for iOS to update its bounds using safeAreaInsets (optionally)?

This is a shot on my iphone 13 and the audio input banner is partially obscured.

  1. An option to remove this banner totally if we don’t want it to be displayed, as is often the case for an AUv3 effect with a dummy standalone screen.


If you search on the forum, there are previous threads about supplying a custom standalone window.

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yes, i’ve used these in the past, but this seems like fairly standard behaviour.

No-one is really going to want to have their windows partly obscured by the bevel, I wouldn’t have thought, so anyone wanting to do standalone development on iOS is likely to want to use the areaInsets and would be nice if we didn’t have to spin up a custom filter for each app.

Likewise, if you’re developing a AUv3 FX, you always have to supply a standalone, even though it’s abolsuletely pointless, so having that banner appear is never going to be useful.

Once you’ve created an app with a custom standalone filter have to constantly keep an eye out on the base classes to see if they have changed and you need to incoporate changes into your own versions. This is rare, I admit, but has happened.