Updating sliders from midi


I'm learning my way into c++ thru juce and a (somewhat) simple project. I'm trying to write an application that'll translate codes recieved from a serial port to midi messages and vice-verca. I have outgoing data thru midi and serial port working.

Now I'm trying to make recieved midi data move a slider. I'm doing the midi handling in a seperate class, to keep things structured and readable. I'm recieving midi like the juce demo ilustrates.

What I would like to know is: what is the best way to get data from the midi class, to a slider of the GUI class? I've been looking at AsyncUpdate, TimerCallbacks and referTo. If someone have an example I could study, I would be most thankfull :-)

I hope I'm not making you sigh too heavily. Thankyou for your patience!