Updating with TextEditor


Hoping to get some pointer in the right direction to solve my problem.

I have a juce::DocumentWindow which holds a single custom juce::Component to handle drawing. At some point I add ( with addAndMakeVisible() ) a juce::TextEditor when the user wants to edit text,the TextEditor works fine, but the single custom juce::Component ceases to blit to the screen. All drawing routines are called correctly ( like myComponent::paint() ) but it never gets blitted to the screen, not on the Windows version and not on the OSX version of my plugin.
I’m ran out of things to investigate, every suggestion is appreciated.


When you say it doesn’t “blit”, what happens instead? If your component just disappears, then it’s most likely that it’s no longer in the right place or visible.

What happens is that the main component gets erased white when the TextEditor activates. paint() is called when forcing an update of the main Component but the window remains white. When I remove the TextEditor the main Component gets drawn correctly.


ok, i finally found what was causing the problem. Apparently TextEditor->setPaintingIsUnclipped( true ) took care of erasing the main component. When letting the TextEditor do clipped painting drawing is back to normal.