Uploading standalone apps to iTunes Connect

Hi, has anyone done this successfully? Even though the generated .ipa passes validation and gets accepted by the store, I receive an email a couple of minutes later with the error:

This bundle is invalid - The file extension must be .zip.

Any ideas? thx

Hi, still having trouble getting JUCE generated standalones onto the app store. Would be useful to know if other people have succeeded with this? thx

Apple have contacted me and confirmed there is an issue, but failed to identify whether it was with the store, with my account, or with the generated content… hopefully another update in 24 hours…

Did this ever get resolved? I’m experiencing the same thing. I assume it is related to the .appex of the AUv3 being stuck inside the .app.

yes, it was resolved.

iirc i cleaned down all my XCode profiles from the hard drive and then cleaned down all the provisioning profiles in the apple developer site. then I made sure everything was set to automatic provisioning, made sure any external libraries were set not to be included in the archive and then did a full rebuild allowing xcode to regenerate all of the profiles.

after doing this the archive was generated correctly…

I didn’t have to even do that much.

My method now is

  1. Clean project.
  2. Generate new version number in ProJucer
  3. Set target to Generic iOS Device
  4. Archive
  5. Validate
  6. Submit.

Works 90% of the time. If it gets the zip error, I repeat from step 1.


Yes, agreed - only had to do the above steps once as things had got into a messed up state I think, probably with me messing around…

Now it’s a very smooth process…

Since I had similar problems initially, here’s my checklist for submitting builds to the App Store:

  1. Clean project
  2. Export from Projucer
  3. add/assign icons (including 1024x1024)
  4. add/assign launch screens
  5. set appropriate build number in both the app extension and the standalone plugin (you can’t upload the same build number twice)
  6. Add required entries to the plist of the standalone plugin (like “Privacy - Microphone Usage Description”)
  7. Archive
  8. Validate (if you like)
  9. Upload to App Store


  • if build is rejected with “file extension must be .zip”, start from 1) again.
  • if build fails because of broken link (to some file that is obviously generated in the build process), just open a Terminal window and delete the file/link mentioned in the error message.

Hope that helps people stumbling over this thread (like I just did recently).