Use a different icon for the demo version of an app

I’m considering using a compilation flag to restrict part of the app for the demo version.
I could add a configuration to each exporter to handle this additional flag. But how should I go about using different icons for each version?
Do I have to use a precompilation script or something?
I guess I’m not the first one to be confronted to this situation, so any input is welcome :slight_smile:

I think you have to decide, if you want to have two different binaries, then different icons are no problem,
or one binary that unlocks via activation/license file or whatever, in which case for the OS the license state is unknown, hence you cannot have different buttons.

There might be a kludgy way of script replacing the icon in the bundle upon activation, but that is non standard and platform dependant, so I am afraid on that route you would be on your own…