Use AudioProcessors from plugin in standalone


I have developed a few plugins using Juce and my next project is to build a standalone app. In this app the user should be able to load audio files and then process them with the functionalities of the plugins I have already developed.

What is the most elegant way to use the AudioProcessors of my previous projects in my standalone?
My first idea was to simply include the static libs which are created for each plugin. However, it turns out to be difficult due to linker errors and duplicate symbols.

Just having the complete plugin code in my standalone and compile everything together is quite difficult since the plugins depend on some other libraries and the whole project would blow up enormously.

Anyone ever done this?

I managed to solve the duplicate symbols issues. They where caused by the BinaryData namespace. I changed this namespace in my standalone and the linking worked.

Anyways, I am still open to hear your thoughts and suggestions concerning this approach!