Use protected inherit for AsyncUpdater instead of private


Hi Jules,

Would it possible to move all the AsyncUpdater private inheritance of widgets to protected ?

So far you can’t have a custom widget which inherit for example from Slider and requires some async update too.
In my case, some midi input to change the slider value and other stuff.

Having protected inheritance fix this issue as the custom widget can now call



It’d be better to make Slider::triggerChangeMessage protected - a subclass shouldn’t be messing directly with mechanisms that the superclass uses internally, as it’s not guaranteed that they won’t change in the future.


Whatever you want, as long as you can have async updating in the subclass too :smiley:



Finally, I’ve found a workaround using a member which inherit from AsyncUpdater and forward the call to its parent.


That’s the best way to do it if you need your own asyncupdater. It’s definitely not a good idea to share one with another class, and use it for two different jobs.