Use SBC codec on internal Synth

I am using the example given in AudioAppComponent to put out a synthesised sound in getNextAudioBlock. I then send the audio out to my Bluetooth headphones. So far so good. Due to Bluetooth bandwidth concerns, I want to compress the audio I am sending out into an SBC codec. I believe I am essentially sending uncompressed raw audio out by simply writing into the buffer that getNextAudioBlock provides.
Is there a means to compress audio into an SBC codec in getNextAudioBlock? Or is this something to be done with AudioDeviceManager?

Custom Juce app running on iOS/iPhone 6S

I do not think you can send raw audio over BT, the bandwidth is just not high enough. I found this in my checking: Bluetooth Audio Codecs Explained - Headphonesty

As well, I think the codec selection is at the OS level.

But, this is just me looking things up, so I could be wrong. :slight_smile: