Use "Waveform Free" plugins in tracktion engine

Tracktion bundles a set of basic plugins built in like the Compressor, 4OCS, Delay, Phaser, Pitch Shift, etc.

Would you consider adding the “Waveform Free” (15 Refreshed) plugins, such as the DJ Filter and Plate Reverb to Tracktion Engine?

I would love to be able to do sound design in Tracktion Waveform “Racks” and then import those racks into an app built with Tracktion Engine where they could be further tweaked and customized. This would be a dreamy workflow actually – but without access to slightly more high quality effects its probably not viable.


I don’t think that would be possible as these are part of our synth and DSP internal modules and as such are not licensable. Your best bet is to use some existing open source plugins or maybe write your own set you want to design with?

Following up on this… Am I right in thinking that some of the ‘basic plugins’ included in Tracktion Engine are not available in Waveform (e.g. the low-pass filter, because it has been superseded by the DJ filter)? This seems a shame to me. As audioshi says, a major (unique) selling point of the Tracktion Engine could be that artists can create content using Waveform that could be played back on apps running the engine (win-win for both I’d have thought). I certainly have a use case for this, and I’m sure many others do also. I get that it is possible to have a separate set of custom plugins, but the more that Engine and Waveform diverge in terms of core features, the more the ease of interoperability is lost. In particular, if the modifiers (e.g. envelope follower etc.) started to diverge, this would be a real problem for what I’m trying to do.

The basic plugins are still in Waveform, they just aren’t shown by default since they have been replaced by the upgraded plugins. They can be enabled from the plugins settings.

Oh, awesome! Thanks for the info.