User credentials storing in OSX Keychain/Windows DPAPI

Is there a cross-platform solution for storing user credentials in the OSX keychain or Windows equivalent registry? Back in 2010 Jules said "It's the kind of thing I'd write if I ever needed it myself" (link) and it seems the new Projucer features a "remember me" toggle when logging in.

So is there a class I'm missing in the API, or will this not get into the public source code?

Well, in things like the projucer we just use cross-platform stuff like the PropertiesFile, and don't store passwords so it doesn't need to be encrypted. It'd be a nice feature to add, but not a high priority for us right now.

Alright, I understand. If I happen to cook one up myself I'll let you know :)

Can I plus one this. It’d be really useful, and it’s a tricky area admittedly with not only a different API per platform but several versions of best practice depending on which version of WIndows you are targeting… :slight_smile:

Then there’s some fun stuff about trying to keep passwords out of memory for too long if you’re feeling fancy :slight_smile: