Users keep saying mpkg is damaged, but end up making it work

This is very strange. Here’s the download in question:

Users keep reporting this problem, but the user seems to eventually solve it by re-downloading. Or maybe they solve it when I give them a more direct link:

Is anyone else having this issue?

No, but I think it is easier for the user to have one package per platform… why would you want to download all three?
And that would solve your issue, as you say, the zip with only one package works fine…

Good luck

Direct link is not guaranteed either I think… Edit: And that’s the problem! I don’t think any zip is gauranteed.

Would love to have one package per platform, but my shopping cart system doesn’t have such a facility… SendOwl. Edit: I think I can use its bundle feature to do it.

I think I figured it out. If I download from SendOwl, that’s when I get the error. It must not be the fact that it’s zipped, or zips are getting corrupt or anything. It’s f****** SENDOWL?!?!?!? What is it doing to the files that I don’t know about?!!??! ****

Ok, it’s not SendOwl… I guess it’s just another wonderful quirk of Mac. No idea what to do.

Is it TransLocation? Have you signed your DMG?

Check out dropDMG : (I’m unaffiliated with them).


I know very little when it comes to Mac, so no.

MacOS Sierra introduced TransLocation security to their OS

This will copy the executable app to a hidden location if the download is zipped… this can be a problem for some installers which need to know where they’re installed to.

Google TransLocation.

You can avoid TransLocation by placing your signed installer in a DMG which has also been signed.