Using a Dialog Window in Juce


In my app I want to be able to modify some elements and then save them under a name. For this I would like to have a dialog window pop up when the “save” button is pressed to save the current settings under a name, and then have that name display in a combo box. Then if I change things I can just go to the combobox and choose the setting I saved before and everything will load accordingly.

What I can’t seem to find how to do in Juce is to have the Dialog with a one lineTextEditor appear properly, in the editor I would type in the name I want and hit ok, and that name would go in the comboBox.
I have tried with showDialog but I’m clearly not using it right since it freezes my app, having to force quit…
Any help very appreciated!

Maybe have a look at the AlertWindow class? There are examples of using it in the demo app…