Using a DSP library?

Is it bad practice to use an open-source music DSP library and add/modify/remove accordingly? I see a trend everyone seems to develop their own but if you take a look at other software areas everyone does use a library.

I had the impression our community avoids this. Why? Should I do the same?
Boggling down and reading a DSP book instead of using a library and modifying it is less fun to me. Of course with a healthy combination of reading and learning new material.

My impression is that open source is rarely superior in quality, so devs end up investing crazy amounts of work on improving textbook/open source algorithms. Quite undertandable, that they don’t just give that away as open source, which pretty much leads devs to avoid GPL and such copy left licenses, which most open source stuff have.

Many basic algorithms are available in some (pseudo) language and an allowing license. So you end up rolling your own based on the truly free information out there - and that’s the fun part. :slight_smile:

So i don’t think it’s a matter of good/bad practice. Stealing GPL is simply illegal and what’s left is either closed source or your own.

That makes sense, total rewrite could take way longer than finding some examples. That’s also what I do generally speaking. I rewrite it according to my needs and improve over time as I learn the theory but I do not re-invent things.

In that case iteration was very slow so to say :slight_smile:

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Audio DSP is pretty unique in that the part of the code base that took 90% of the total time to perfect, could be just a few coefficients. :rofl: But seriously, in audio DSP such details may carry huge value. So it’s very difficult to compare them to other types of libraries.

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If you use an open source library, and make modifications - why not push those modifications forward? The easiest way to get an authoritative clearance on a library, after all, is to write it yourself - the next easy way is to improve it immensely, share the results with the other authors, and push the state of things forward.

I suppose it matters that your mods are cool. But it never hurts to publish a fork, maintaining the same license.


Never have I mentioned not pushing/publishing my changes. I do like sharing and people learning from each other of course. :slight_smile: