Using an Objective-C (or Java) lib within JUCE / C++

Sorry if this has been answered before, I couldnt find clear info on the subject. 

I want to use a library that has either Objective-C (iOS / OSX) or Java (Android) versions. I'm developing on OSX / XCode so curently using the Objective-C version. I've been advised that I need to convert filenames to '.mm'. Doing this seems to allow me to mix Objective-C code with C++, but I get a load of errors due to conflict with a Component object in Apple's CarbonCore framework. 

I initially tried renaming Main.cpp to so I could try initialising the library object there. 
I'm guessing I should create a wrapper for it, that ideally detects the platform and imports/includes + initialises the relevant libraries. 

I'd be grateful if someone could point me to an example of doing this?

The library in question is for Couchbase Lite: 

Andoid / Java port: