Using AudioDeviceManager to send firmware files

I am currently writing a bootloader for a MIDI enabled device. I have code which will send data to my device as MIDI messages using the MIDIOutput class, but would rather send the firmware file as a 8-bit ascii file. The USB on the device is configured using the default Windows USB Audio Device driver.

Am I still able to use the AudioDeviceManager class to send non MIDI messages? And if so, what class would be appropriate to use.

Well, no… The juce midi stuff just wraps the OS’s normal midi i/o functions, and like the name suggests, they just send midi data! People usually wrap their binary up in midi sysex messages, don’t they? But surely this is just a question specific to your device?

Thanks for the quick reply jules.

That was the answer I was expecting, I just wanted to verify that. I would rather not use the sysex messages because that limits everything to 7-bit characters, and I would have to do 7-bit to 8-bit packing and unpacking to make this work.

The other option I’ll look into is switching the USB to a HID device type as that will accept direct file streams.