Using external, binary libraries with the new JUCER?

I’ll be (eventually) be needing to put in some libraries into my project that are link-only, where I don’t have access to the source.

There doesn’t seem to be a spot to do this in the new JUCER… will there be a way to accomplish this down the road?

(And while I’m here, something off topic - if I’m only writing for Windows and Intel Macs, and my library is pure C/C++, is there any difference between Mac object files and Windows object files? I’m just curious, basically…)

Thanks in advance for the ultra-high-quality responses we get here…

Good request - I’ll need to add a field for extra libraries.

Well, if you used mingw on windows and didn’t include any header files whatsoever, then possibly (but I wouldn’t bet on it). But as soon as you include even the c++ std headers then you’ll be pulling in huge amounts of platform-specific stuff.

Thanks for noting the request! It’s not urgent.

Bah, right, I should have figured that out - I have the STL source right here and I do use it. Ach well!

Thanks as always… if you ever come to NYC you’ll never have to pay for drinx!

On Mac, then we would need to add Frameworks. I have a couple of Frameworks that I put in my Frameworks folder in the app bundle, so it’s distributable. There’s a few hacks so they don’t expect to be in a System Frameworks location, but it works well and cover the header inclusion nicely.


Ok, shouldn’t be a problem.