Using JUCE to build a live audio web app?

I need help figuring out the time and money requirements for build a live-audio broadcast web app. I’m here because JUCE has come up a lot in my research. Is this the best framework for a live audio app? Would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

Well that’s a super broad question. I Haven’t done any web audio stuff with JUCE myself but I’m pretty sure that there are people that successfully did it. For non-web audio applications JUCE is probably the framework that ships with the most audio-related building blocks out there. If it’s something DAW-like, Tracktion Engine which is based on JUCE might be a valuable time saver as it comes with a lot of DAW-related building blocks. So yes, it might be a good choice.

To get a more detailed answer you should probably share a lot more details with us about what kind of functionality your application needs. To really figure out time and money requirements you should probably hire some experienced developer who has already worked with (JUCE based) web audio applications for an in-depth analysis of your requirements.

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I appreciate the feedback!

The base functionality is similar to this:

Web app + Mobile app:

Web app:

  • Broadcast and record live audio, interview people remotely, basic DAW functionality (cut/slice/paste, volume, low, mids, highs), account profiles
  • Listener interface with chat

Mobile app:

  • Recording interface and listener interface with chat

I feel like DAW functionality might be the thing to make this a complex project so I’m wondering if DSP is a better option

Hope that helps and thanks again