Using openGL without openGL module

I’m trying to create a world editor in openGL, and have (for now) chosen JUCE to be my GUI library of choice.

I noticed that it has it’s own openGL implementation module. I was wondering if that is the only way I can use openGL with JUCE, or is it possible to write my own independent implementation and use that. The idea would be to create a layout using JUCE with a blank pane (area) and then have my implementation of openGL render to that area.

I understand it’s easier to use the already existing implementation, but my goal here is to learn, so I’d like to do it all myself.

TBH there are far more interesting and useful things you could spend your time learning than all the horrible, messy, platform-specific hackery needed to wrap GL contexts inside windows!

Probably… But still, will I have problems if I decide to go with that route? Will JUCE and openGL clash in any way?

Well no, there’s nothing to “clash” but we spent years of effort building a module that magically embeds GL and does exactly what you’re talking about… I really don’t recommend repeating all that rather tedious work again yourself! Go and build your world editor, that sounds much more rewarding!