Using optimized libjpeg code


I was just wondering if Juce could be set up to use the system libjpeg instead of its own embedded version ?

I’ve found this:

And tested it, it’s … well … 3x faster to decompress a jpeg. (300% yes, a 6MP jpeg takes 400ms with that version and 1230ms before).

So, then I wondered if it was possible to use this in juce, but, this version use nasm to compile asm stuff (so it’s working under linux, but not with windows though VS2k5, but through mingw).

Then, I’ve tried to make juce use the built library but I couldn’t figure out how to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated.

When I was writing the code that accesses libjpeg I didn’t make any allowances for using an external lib, but I’d have thought that with a bit of hackery it wouldn’t be too hard to get it to compile.