Using SuperCollider, and Very New to JUCE

Hi Everybody,

This is my first post to this forum, and just looking for a little guidance. I’d appreciate any help.

I’ve been working in SuperCollider for a few years now and I would say I am at an intermediate level. I have made many cool sounding synths (at least I think so), and now I’m very interested in turning them into VST plugins.

I have very little to no knowledge of C++ or JUCE. Is it too ambitious to think that I can turn the synths I have already made in SC and turn them into VST’s with JUCE? Are there any resources you could point me to if it is possible? Any other questions I’m not thinking to ask? I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks

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The problem likely will be that the building blocks (unit generators) of SuperCollider are not going to be conveniently available for use in C++. (SuperCollider itself is written in C++ but you likely won’t be able to reuse the code easily.)

JUCE itself has fairly limited DSP functionality ready for use. 3rd party audio libraries can of course be used but it’s often a hassle even for experienced developers.

I would say it’s possible for you to redo your synth projects in C++, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

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Hi! I also use SuperCollider and am interested to integrate JUCE and SC! So many different audio softwares use SC as their synthesis engine, so it’d be pretty amazing to see some portability!