Using Win10 +VS as primary JUCE Dev environ: Bootcamp or Parallels?

Am contemplating switching away from Xcode to VS for future JUCE work - so should I
( to save costs and allow flexibility and ease in testing on OSX platform later )

Use VS with Bootcamp or go the Parallels route ?

Jules - what is your main IDE ? VS or Xcode ?

Parallels works very good here! Even with dongles!
But my main platform has switched the other way-around from VS to XCode.

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re “my main platform has switched the other way-around from VS to Xcode.”

any reason why ?

i’ve been reading up here and trawling the boards a lot recently on just how far Xcode lags behind VS+resharper when it comes to productivity, refactoring etc etc WRT C++

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This gets brought up every few years:

If yore switching from Xcode to VS be aware there are JUCE-specific problems, mainly that JUCE module code is pretty much unreadable with Intellisense because of the way the JUCE namespace is handled (see JetBrains CLion and JUCE - it’s also broken in CLion and it’s always been this way). Additionally, Parallels users have reported problems with line endings when working with multiple platforms simultaneously - Jules said he wrote a script he uses before commits to fix them.

Yeah this is quite annoying. It doesn’t work in XCode for me as well. What is the rationale of hoisting out namespaces from module files?

hmmm - i have no problems with JUCE in Xcode module/namespace wise - in two very large projects in 4.2

mind you - I usually have to go thru some kind of header-hell shenanigans every few years… but things seem ok ( touch-Randi ) … at the moment

Resharper completely fixes the JUCE-related issues in VS. Baz and I detailed it pretty extensively in the CLion thread (which is why this thread appeared!) and I wanted to mention it here for anyone curious who hasn’t been to that thread!

IIRC from a thread a while back, some people were also able to fix some of the problems by copying the JUCE code to the project rather than just referencing it (set in the JUCER)


Thanks Sonic. Are there still any outstanding any issues to bear in mind today - regarding terminating characters ( EOF etc ) for source files - when moving to windows OS ? seem to recall from threads that this happened a lot when using Parallels. And i recall encountering such hassles too when experimenting with this approach some years back. ( yes … . i HAVE “been here before” )

I keep everything in a Git repo which takes care of line endings and such, so I’ve never had an issue with anything…not sure if just dragging files around would still cause problems though

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I’m the only one here doing cross-platform compiling on the same machine :slight_smile:

Parallels works pretty fine. I usually use Xcode / build first on Mac. then bootup Windows and test it / make sure it’s compatible.

I’m not seeing any issues.

We have a repo for each project and the JUCE and other SDKs are submodules so it’s like:
\Project\Submodules\ (juce… vstsdk… avid… etc)
We had some older projects that used …/sdks/<specific juce / vst / avid sdk goes here>. and it also worked well though less reliable to re-build a project.

same here, you’re not alone :slight_smile:

It’s probably a question of habit, but it’s a pain for me to use VS, I feel much more confortable with xcode. I also use Parallels, and I could not imagine using bootcamp.

This is pretty much fixed now with resharper. Install resharper, disable intellisense, all good here 99% of the time including editing juce modules.