Utterly utterly unrelated


yes, utterly off topic, but seeing as many people here have an interest in audio software, I figured there’d be some members here who might find this pretty much astounding.

Melodyne ‘Direct Note Access’ [watch the video]

It’s going to take a while before the ‘knowledge’ that it is impossible is allowed to fade! I wonder how long it will be before that sort of tech makes its way into an accessible library.

[sorry for going so massively off topic, and so unrelated to juce, but i’m sure such a technological breakthrough is of interest here, even if it is uber proprietary]

I just have my fingers crossed that it’s not all just a cruel trick to get geeks like me all excited.


That is pretty impressive. (Or possibly really easy? Maybe it’s actually not that difficult to pull out the different frequency bands? My knowledge of DSP theory doesn’t go deep enough to say!)


i fell of my chair, still can’t get up, perhaps tomorrow. amazing.


should anyone be interested in seeing more, here’s a video of the live presentation they did.

very very very cool


“I don’t know much about DSP stuff…” - I love that.

Back in 2001 he said:
“First, there was no intention at all to create software like Melodyne. Rather, there was the question ‘What is a sound?’, and the idea was to separate the ideal experience of a sound from its appearance in time. In fact, the solution came from the question ‘What would be the sound of a stone?’, presuming that a shape that has no relation to time might nevertheless represent a sound.”

We’ll see how good it really is a separating out notes in real life applications, but it sure looks good.


Yeah, quite amazing, and having done quite a lot of DSP, I would’ve said impossible. But… obviously not. Mind you, I did check the date and it isn’t april first yet… :slight_smile: