V1.20 and new AU wrapper code

Hi folks

Just uploaded v1.20 for your enjoyment. Mostly bugfixes and tweaks again this time, but you’ll need this version if you want to have a go of the new AudioUnit wrapper code I’ve released in the audio plugin framework!

The AU stuff is only a first release, so likely to still be a bit buggy, though it mostly seems to work. I’ve not yet got a copy of Logic to try, so have only done GarageBand and the AU Lab as hosts so far.

To get it working I’ve had to tweak a few aspects of the plugin code, including adding a new header file with macros in it to set the plugin’s name, etc.

I’m off to the pub now, but will be back to chat about this tomorrow if anyone has any feedback.

Juce changes are:

  • changes to support the latest XCode 2.2 on the Mac, and some changes ready for Intel-based macs
  • changes to support the latest version of VSExpress
  • optimisations to DirectoryIterator - should make it much faster when scanning slow disks
  • optimised the way Timers are triggered
  • mac fixes for repainting transparent windows on 10.4
  • some tweaks necessary for AudioUnit support

excellent! well done! thanks! :smiley:

Nice! Thanks for including conflict with Button() API on Mac. :slight_smile:

But unfortunately the AU demo is crashed at startup…
I will post it in Mac board.

Best regards,
Masanao Hayashi
Korg Inc.