Value tree property with contradicting values?


iv got an odd issue that i cant work out.

i am working on a stand alone OSC/MIDI controller app (the a virtual midi controller). i have a prefs window that includes a toggle button to turn OSC on or off, this changes the value of a value tree property in the main component.

here is the odd thing. When the value in the value tree is changed (in the listener) i check it and print it to the console and use it it to set a bool. now i such a button and in the button listener i check it again and print it to the console. but its not the value i am expecting.

say i turn off OSC. when i do this the Value tree listener reports that the Bools value is now 0. but when i push a button the first press will report a value of 1, later presses report the correct value of 0. i just don’t get it. the value of useOSC is only ever set by the value tree listener or the initialiser.


please ignore me im a idiot who didn’t load reload his XML file before referring to it.