ValueTree listener efficiency

Hi Juce Hive Brain

I am experiencing a problem with ValueTree changes not being picked up the listener. Is it a realistic expectation that I should have 100% efficiency using this technique to relay messages about component changes?

I am using Windows 10 with Juce 7.0.5. Many of the components have an APVTS connection but I am also running a parallel ValueTrees with a tiered structures holding the values for various subcomponents. This is where I am expecting the message issues. I have a single listener picking up changes from all ValueTrees.

My PlugIn that has several thousand components and I am using it to send/receive various messages from a hardware synthesizer. This message failure is worse with ComboBoxes, but also occurs with Sliders and Buttons. My issue bears a resemblance to a previously reported issue AsyncUpdater in ComboBox failing to update.

I have worked round this issue by using Lambdas to connect the components directly to the messaging code, but part of me thinks I shouldn’t necessarily have had to do this.