ValueTrees and ModelKit


I’ve been giving my ModelKit code a huge overhaul recently. It’s made my life a lot easier, and I would like to share the benefits of it with others.
It has significantly changed from the initial, heavily macro-based version I posted here, so I’ve decided to take this old version down.

I’m in the process of writing up some documentation for it, and will post it here soon. It is incredibly useful, and really makes the process of designing an application around a data model orders of magnitude more straightforward. I’m trying to find a way to convey just how useful it is, which is why I’m assembling some detailed information about it, along with an example project to demonstrate its use. This might take some time, but I thought it best to take this old unsupported code away now in case anyone decided to look at it :slight_smile:

The first part of this documenting endeavour will be an overview of ValueTrees themselves; there is still a lot of mystery surrounding them, and many people aren’t even aware of them, let alone how powerful they are. Regardless of whether anyone else thinks the ModelKit project is a good idea, I hope that I can at least provide a solid platform of knowledge to inspire users to begin experimenting with ValueTrees in their applications.

More to come!

Incidentally, I’ll probably start the ValueTree stuff on the wiki, though I’ll have to figure out where to put it!
[edit] figured it out, now - to the writing!

You could also create a module for the modules branch, it’s quite easy!

yeah, i definitely plan on doing so :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to see what you came up with. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers! I’d like to start sharing it right away, but I’d like to make sure it’s fully documented first. As it’s all so heavily reliant upon an understanding of ValueTrees, I’m keen to be able to assume that of the user (otherwise I’d end up repeating lots of basic information everywhere to ensure it can be followed by everyone!). So, I’m going to first focus on getting everyone in the world up to speed with ValueTrees :slight_smile:

FWIW, I’ve started already, but I’ve still a lot to reformat for the wiki [and even more yet to write!].
WIKI Community Portal

Feel free to give feedback as the info is added. My plan is:

  • Introduce the 3 essential classes [ValueTree, var and Identifier]
  • Explain basic usage of ValueTree
  • Introduce ValueTree::Listener
  • Introduce Value (and Value::Listener)
  • Explain more advanced usage of ValueTree
  • Introduce a variety of approaches to working with them in an application

… and then

  • Highlight patterns that become apparent after using ValueTrees for a while
  • Discuss ways in which these can be exploited in order to simplify development
  • Introduce one such solution (ModelKit), and then proceed to blow your mind.

:mrgreen: <-- big excited grin. I just came across the wiki page. I’ll keep checking back often. Your writing style makes things very clear and I look forward to the updates.

ha, cheers :slight_smile: I’m currently (and typically :wink: ) incredibly busy, but I’ll be trying to add to it whenever I get the chance.

I have been checking back frequently and would just like to give a motivational " nice one" for the updates :slight_smile:

this wiki is offline… can u suggest anoter wiki page?