Vanilla JUCE plugins crash on iPad OS 15 Beta!

I made a blank plugin with Projucer. No code changes at all. I launched it in iPad Air 4th Gen (15.0) Simulator and I immediately got a crash. The crash is in:

static bool isKioskModeView (JuceUIViewController* c)
    JuceUIView* juceView = (JuceUIView*) [c view];
    jassert (juceView != nil && juceView->owner != nullptr);

    return Desktop::getInstance().getKioskModeComponent() == &(juceView->owner->getComponent());

Specifically, the jassert is triggered because juceView->owner is null. If I try to Continue anyway with the debugger I get a hard crash because of the following line.

This is a blocker for my own plugin. Users have been reporting that it doesn’t run on their iPads with iPadOS15 Beta.

This should already be fixed on the develop branch. Please try building with that branch and see whether that resolves the problem.