Various fixes and additions to OpenGL code


I’ve forked JUCE and added some fixes and features to the OpenGL context code:

  • Fixed the invalid drawable error on OS X
  • Fixed multisampling not working on OS X
  • Added functionality to choose a context profile and version on OS X and Windows

Some things I didn’t do:

  • Multisampling on IOS specified through OpenGLPixelFormat. Multisampling can be done independent of the JUCE code by using a multisample framebuffer but it would be nice to have it done through the pixel format. The problem with doing it in the JUCE code is that we don’t have access to the actual framebuffer objects (from what I can see) so we’d be stuck selecting framebuffers using hardcoded values.

  • I haven’t looked into the multisampling on the other platforms.

My fork:



This looks like great stuff, but will take me quite a bit of digging through! Will try to find time to have a look asap!