VBlankAttachment - Simulation of various frequency of display refreshing

I love new Juce feature VBlankAttachment. But I wonder if for testing purposes is there any way to simulate various frequency of display refreshing? I think the best solution would be to just set phisically display to use different frequency.

But I am on Macbook M1 OSX, and first of all I can’t find option to change refreshing freq, and secondly - which seems even more importanta - Apple says it can even change that frequency in the real time, depending on actual content of display.

So I wonder if any of you was trying to test/simulate various circumstances?

Of course I know Timer but after I’ve found VBlankAttachment and how big difference it does I don’t want anymore to use Timerfor painting purposes. Actualy I’ve already used that before VBlankAttachment.

For any help great thanks in advance.