VC8 link error due to move of local_swap functions for FLAC


Building my app with the newly committed changes (440) I got link errors for the following functions:


which are used in bitreader.c and bitwriter.c

Inspecting the changes in the log, I found that these statics had been moved from the c-modules to all.h. (By the way it is pretty confusing that the FLAC library uses 3 different headers with the same name ‘all.h’

These local functions are defined in

However all.h is not included by the c modules.

First fix was to include “all.h” through “juce_FlacHeader.h” by adding

to the end of “juce_FlacHeader.h”.

That took care of local_swap32_, but the local_swap32_block_ was still unresolved. Turns out that the preproc condition for defining this func
was X86 which is not defined by VC8.

Changing from X86 to _M_IX86 did the trick…


Sorry, I’ve been in the middle of checking a lot of stuff in today. Just posted some new code that inlines all these .c files instead of them being part of the project.