Vcproj-generation use $(IntDir)\ instead .\Debug

For better platform support it would be helpful if you change the introjucer vcproj generation

instead of using .\Debug\ and .\Release\ use $(IntDir)\

And as Intermediate and Output Directory you can use $(PlatformName)$(ConfigurationName)

This makes it very(!) much easier to generate x64 Platforms from the VS (instead of changing all directories manually, or using the same directories for different architectures (horrible linker errors))


Those paths aren’t hard-coded, they’re based on the name of the introjucer configuration… And you can change it to whatever folder you like with the “Binary Location” setting.

The trouble begins when you create new Platforms ( then VC tries to reuse the directories because they are “hard-coded” strings)
Its easy and fearless to change the generation in the introjucer (there are only a few occurrences of them)


Ok, try it now…

Wow, works perfect, but we need one little thing more (I forgot):
As Linker Output-Directory specify $(OutDir)\MyPlugin.dll instead of .\Debug\MyPlugin.dll

Ok, done.