Vendor-provided program crashes

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the program provided by Behringer for their X32-Rack product.

I have successfully used the previous version of the program (v1.1), but need to upgrade to the latest (v2.2) in order to also upgrade my devices's firmware (the firmware and remote console software have to be in-sync).

The current version of Behringer's program for 32-bit linux core-dumps with this backtrace:

Core was generated by `./X32-Edit'.
Program terminated with signal 4, Illegal instruction.
#0  0x081f0268 in juce::zlibNamespace::z_inflate(juce::zlibNamespace::z_stream_s*, int) ()
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x081f0268 in juce::zlibNamespace::z_inflate(juce::zlibNamespace::z_stream_s*, int) ()
#1  0x08299589 in juce::pnglibNamespace::png_read_row(juce::pnglibNamespace::png_struct_def*, unsigned char*, unsigned char*) [clone .constprop.398] ()
#2  0x082999dd in juce::pnglibNamespace::png_read_image(juce::pnglibNamespace::png_struct_def*, unsigned char**) ()
#3  0x08299e89 in juce::PNGImageFormat::decodeImage(juce::InputStream&) ()
#4  0x082b5cac in juce::ImageFileFormat::loadFrom(void const*, unsigned int)
#5  0x082b5e71 in juce::ImageCache::getFromMemory(void const*, int) ()
#6  0x0814618c in Csmallicons::Csmallicons() ()
#7  0x08124fbd in RemoteControl::RemoteControl(juce::DocumentWindow*) ()
#8  0x08148f3d in XControlApplication::initialise(juce::String const&) ()
#9  0x0831b586 in juce::JUCEApplication::initialiseApp() ()
#10 0x080528ae in juce::JUCEApplication::main() ()
#11 0x08050dd5 in main ()

... I can't help but notice that the stack is pretty deep into JUCE code, presumably around decompression of PNG image data.  I would hazard a guess that the program is trying to open/utilize its internal icon pictures, probably PNG-encoded/compressed.


This environment is Slackware-64 14.1, with multilib (32-bit compatibility) installed strictly from alien's binaries (  As I mentioned previously, this exact same environment runs Behringer's previous version (v1.1) of the program flawlessly.  The new version of the program DOES, however, run fine on a native-32-bit install of Slackware 14.0, so I've no doubt that the problem could be somehow associated with Slackware 14.1 and/or the 64-bit aspect (i.e. running via 32-bit compatibility).


What I'm hoping is that someone might be able to offer clues into what I might try changing in order to work around the issue.  (Exclusions:  installing native-32-bit on every box I want to run the program on is not an option for me, and I also don't want to switch Linux distributions.  I also doubt Behringer is going to be of any help support/cooperation-wise.)

Thanks in advance for any advice ...

Running the PNG decoder on data that was baked into the exe should produce absolutely identical results each time, so the only thing I can think of here would be that perhaps they've compiled with flags that enable some kind of CPU instructions that aren't supported on your CPU.. (?)

Anyway, definitely a question for Behringer support rather than this forum! Even if we could magically debug someone else's code, I doubt if we could offer a way to fix it!

I have some response from Behringer:

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:44:16 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: re:  (MUSIC Group Support Case 00215457)    [ref:_00D90YvhK._50090SCiTV:ref ]

Thank you for your email!  This is a question I will have to pass to R&D.  They are equipped for identifying the exact fault.  I will get with them and let you know the verdict!  Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Kind regards,
Administrator, Care Prosumer Division
MUSIC Group Services NV Inc.


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rk4n3 wrote in Case Number 00215457 ():
Request Type: Tech Support

Product:  X32-Edit software (for X32 Rack), Version = 2.2, OS = Linux (Slackware 64 14.1 with multilib 32-bit compatibility).  I was running X32-Edit version 1.1 fine on this system, but the executable for X32-Edit v2.2 crashes with the backtrace I provided in this article:

Please advise ?

... I'll update with any resolution that comes up.