Version 1.11 is out

Yes, and quite a lot of stuff in this one - here’s the changelist:

  • fix for some file methods that were failing to identify volume type correctly in OSX10.4
  • rearranged the OpenGL code to move it into the platform-specific folders.
  • added openGL support for Linux
  • replaced many of the win32 native calls with dual unicode/ansi implementations, so the same code will run on win98 but take advantage of unicode on win2000/XP
  • reorganised the String::getHexValue() methods into 32 and 64 bit versions
  • new class: SelectedObjectSet - for managing multiply-selected items
  • fixed some maths bugs with rendering certain types of gradient brush
  • buttons that auto-repeat can now be made to speed up the auto-repeat frequency the longer they’re held down
  • scrollbars can now have their buttons hidden
  • implemented the MD5Checksum class
  • new class: PropertySet, which now forms the base class for PropertiesFile
  • each Component now has a set of named properties associated with it, which can be inherited from its parent component
  • handy new method: DialogWindow::centreAroundComponent()
  • finished implementing the Primes class
  • finished the RSAKey class, to provide RSA public/private key cryptography
  • beefed up the BitArray class, giving it a sign, so it can be used as a large number class, and added some new methods (mostly because they were needed for cryptography)
  • implemented the BlowFish class, which is a symmetric-key encryption algorithm
  • new layout classes: StretchableLayoutManager and StretchableLayoutResizerBar - these are for creating all kinds of sets of nested components that stretch to fill the available space, with vertical or horizontal divider bars to rescale them. I’ve added some code to the fonts page of the demo app to demonstrate how to use them
  • better makefiles for Linux, generated using premake
  • added xinerama support for Linux

I’d appreciate it if any of you linux folk could have a go of the xinerama and openGL stuff because I couldn’t properly test them. (My PC hasn’t got dual-monitor support, and I could only get openGL to work when logged in as root, because of some lousy ATI drivers…)


What he said ^^^^^ :shock:

oh - someone just said they were getting link errors with this version, which was just because I’ve left the JUCE_OPENGL flag turned on in juce_Config.h. So if you’re not using opengl, it’s probably better to comment-out that line…

I’m going to test this as soon as I get home.

Seems good.