Version alerts


I was just wondering when 1.47 is due.

My app (jucePILS) depends on a few things not in 1.46, and I hope to anchor it to 1.47.

As things are, I do daily juce checkouts, hoping I can react to breaking changes before they make it into the release.

I don’t want to complicate your release scheme or to push for premature release (I’ll get my hands on a Mac very soon and I wouldn’t mind at all if I get a chance to test jucePILS on that thing before you push the button), but I’d like to have some kind of alert, such as:

A new release is due in a few weeks, please do a thorough check of your applications if you want them to be compatible with the upcoming release, and if you hit problems in the framework, report them ASAP

If you set up a sticky thread, we could get email alerts by watching it.

Or is there already a setup for such alerts somewhere?


Sorry, I really don’t know when I’ll make it an official release. It won’t be too long.

Good idea about the sticky thread - I don’t have any other kind of mailing list set up.