Version info not showing on all Juce apps

None of the juce apps, nor mine are showing version info. The info plist strings seems to be there, but doesn’t get passed into the final version.

Any Mac whizzes tell what’s happening? Some kind of conflict?


The jucer-generated projects do set the version number correctly in the plist file. Can’t remember offhand what you’d need to do to set it up manually…

I don’t understand it. I can see the version info on my mac. I have never had this issue with juce.

By the way Jules, why is “DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT = dwarf-with-dsym”. Can’t it just be “DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT = dwarf”. Because with the current settings it creates an extra file

It just means that you can debug an exe that has been stripped of its symbols. Is it causing a problem for you?

No there are no issues. Just needed a clarifications. Since I always use dwarf.

What is problem with build version? Since on my machine I can see the version showed in info.list. As can be seen from the image attached in my previous post.