Very small skeleton of application:

If people want to help out with this project (mac or PC coders welcome), then you can get involved in two ways:

  1. active coding

  2. join in implmentation discussions

In the longer term you will be able to get involved by developing modules also.

if you want to work on programming simply download the source the latest version of which will always be:

When you have downloaded the zip, read the comments at the start of the cpp files for clues on what is needed (or read posts in this forum).

When you have selected a programming job to help with, post here to claim it (IE a simple “I’m going to be working on the titlebar” will do) so that no-one else doubles up on effort.

When you have finished, update the comments at the start of the cpp file to show outstanding tasks, and version data. It goes without saying you can add as little or as much code as you can spare time for. If you just want to fix a bug, or add a single function, that’s fine.

Email your code to me when you are finished, and I’ll include your changes in the download version.


To get the ball rolling,

I’ve knocked together the basic framework of the UI, IE the three horizontal regions that comprise the user interface.

Currently the bottom region is incorrectly coloured, just to show where it actually is.

I’m claiming the MidSection stuff 'cos I want to think through roughly what it is going to be doing.

I’m claiming the title bar to add the minmize function. Cheers NiallM and Jules. :slight_smile:

I was gonna claim the title bar last night, but decided I had better try to figure it out before making a claim. That being said, I spent all night on it… and could not manage to get it to minimize (tho I was on the right track). I did make it disappear :roll:. Then I saw NialM’s post and concluded I really need to read a bit more on this c++ stuff.

well if it makes you feel any better I haven’t had a lot of luck getting the resizing to work either.

I should point out Mod that some modules could be built using Delphi too.

They wouldn’t be cross platform of course, but the option is there.

I think all future code posts should include an executable.

Im going to start work in vc++ express tonight… dev-c++ totally shitted out on me…

I got JUCE to compile in borland after many long hours of work, but it’s nearly unrecognizable… and a few things are now broke, even though it compiles.

This is my only hope left until I go fake being academic to get msvc++ :lol: :lol: